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Application introduction

Aluminum alloy

Aluminium Facades application,Jinan Tianchen aluminum machine provides you with high quality and professional aluminum alloy profile processing machine.

What are the advantages of purchasing a production line product

  • How to use the machine, what should I do if problems occurred to the machine?

    You can refer to the user's manual or instructions delivered along with the machine; if anything unclear, please feel free to contact us. We will support you by email, telephone or instant messengers. If still have difficulties, we offer oversea installation, maintaining and training service.

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Advantages and Functions of Aluminum Machine

Tianchen aluminum machine

Application characteristics

  • Advantages:

    ▪ Excellent beam quality and good cutting quality

    ▪ Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

    ▪ No burr in the cutting, high cutting precision

    ▪ Auto focus, easy to operate and maintain

    ▪ Very low cost of use, cost-effective

    ▪ Closed design, safe and pollution free

    ▪ Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

  • Features:

    ▪ The host machine cover adopts fully closing design, the inner image will be displayed on the monitor, safe and environment protected.

    ▪ The auto feeding worktable can continuously clamp two profiles to accurately feeding.

    ▪ Equipped with barcode printer, which can auto printing the pre-set profile information.

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