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Product Parameters

LJVHA-CNC-6500Automacit Cutting Saw Center


1.Machine Features

n ☆ Efficient continuous 45°, 90° or one end of 45° and one end of 90° sawing processing of aluminum profiles;It can also complete any Angle machining within the range of 45° -minus 45°.

n ☆ Automatic feeding table can be continuously automatic clamping profile cutting processing.

n ☆ The moving part adopts high precision linear guide pair, which runs smoothly and ensures the processing accuracy.

☆ The feeding manipulator movement is driven by servo, which can realize the automatic control of X, Y and Z three axes, and can be automatically clamped according to the section of the profile. And adopt high precision rack and pinion drive to ensure the feeding accuracy.

 It is equipped with strengthening muntin positioning clamping mechanism, servo drive, automatic positioning clamping according to the profile positioning surface.

Configuration of four high-speed motorized spindles, can achieve X1, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Z2 multi-axis automatic control, to achieve the profile five-sided processing. The front motorized spindle has a rotating function, so that the motorized spindle can be processed in the horizontal direction and oblique above, to complete the processing of the mounting hole and invisible drainage tank. The working principle that the profile does not move and the X axis of the drilling and milling head moves is adopted to improve the milling accuracy.

☆ Laser cutting motion using servo drive, can achieve X1, Y5, Y6, Z1 four-axis automatic control, can be automatically processed according to the section of the profile. And adopt high precision lead screw pair drive, ensure the machining precision. The working principle that the profile does not move and the X axis of the laser cutting machine moves can improve the cutting accuracy.

☆ The rear side of the profile is equipped with a laser cutting head to realize the cutting processing of profile corner clearing, corner code hole, rubber injection hole, etc., and can also realize the function of scribing the mullion or frame material by controlling the laser power. The front side of the profile is equipped with a laser engraving head, which is used to complete the function of engraving the mullion material and the frame material.

☆ Equipped with four directions of motorized spindles, including one from back to front motorized spindles in the same direction as laser cutting head, which can process lock box hardware notch, U slot hardware with flat door, etc.

n ☆ The cutting machine head adopts motor direct connection saw blade, which has stable cutting and high processing accuracy; The servo drive is used to complete the sawing function, realize the functions of fast forward, work advance and fast rewind, and improve the processing efficiency.

n ☆ High precision CNC system ensures stable and reliable operation of equipment.

n ☆ Adopt high precision imported reducer, drive single saw blade rotation to complete 45°, 90° profile processing; Add the cutting machine head servo lateral movement function, can complete the profile Angle protection processing.

☆ The servo movement function of the table is added to widen the distance during the blanking head and increase the blanking space, which can effectively avoid the collapse head when the blanking head is not falling smoothly.

n ☆ The servo drive of the discharge manipulator can realize the function of fast discharge and fast positioning, and can realize the automatic output of short material as short as 240mm.

n ☆ The linear guide pair and ball screw are equipped with an automatic lubrication system to effectively improve the accuracy and service life.

n ☆ Equipped with a chain chip conveyor, the waste head and aluminum chips are automatically transported to the waste collection bin behind the equipment.

n ☆ The shell is fully enclosed to ensure the safety of operators.

☆ Equipped with a high-resolution camera and LCD screen, you can intuitively watch the sawing operation in real time.

n ☆ Optional barcode printer to form E-Work digital factory system.

☆ Equipped with laser cutting special air compressor, to ensure cutting accuracy.

☆ Equipped with a special water cooler for lasers.




2. Parameters

☆ Sawing motor power: 3.0kW ☆ Machine power: 48kW

☆ Motorized spindle power: 3Kw×4 ☆ Laser power: 1.5kw

☆ Input voltage: 380V 50Hz ☆ Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa

☆ Gas consumption: 150L/min ☆ Laser head processing height: 150mm

☆ Laser head X moving stroke: 60mm ☆ Laser engraving power: 50w

☆ Laser engraving height: 150mm ☆ saw blade specification: with a diameter of 550× 30×4.4×144T

☆ Cut profile height: 30 ~ 150 mm ☆ Cut profile width: 30 ~ 150 mm

☆ Cutting length: 240 ~ 6500 mm ☆ Angle error: ±5 '

☆ Sawing length accuracy: ±0.15mm ☆ Repeated positioning error: ±0.05mm

☆ Dimension: 15000×5000×2500 mm ☆ Weight: 8900 kg


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