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Product Parameters

High-speed Four-axis Aluminium Gantry Machining Center

Model: LGSGZA-CNC-6600

Product Description



Features & Advantages

☆It can complete the milling, drilling and other processing contents on the top, front and back sides of the workpiece (except for the installation and positioning bottom surface) under the single clamping of the workpiece; in the product structure design, it integrates today's advanced technology , This product not only has excellent quality but also brings higher production efficiency for users.

☆ Adopt work piece fixed, gantry mobile structure layout, the operator is easy to access the work piece.

☆ The high-speed electric spindle imported from Italy HSD is used to ensure the quality stability of key components, and it has a high metal cutting amount per unit time.

☆ The electric spindle is equipped with a forced air cooling device to ensure the stability of the spindle for a long time; the front end of the spindle is equipped with an "air curtain" device, which effectively protects the spindle bearing from external pollution and improves the service life of the spindle bearing.

☆ The key structural parts such as bed, gantry, etc. are all made of high-quality steel plate welded parts, subjected to thermal ageing stress relief treatment, and analyzed and calculated using finite element analysis to ensure the best quality-stiffness ratio and excellent static and dynamic performance; work The table is made of cast iron and the ram is made of aluminum alloy to ensure good dynamic following performance.

☆ Imported high-rigidity linear rolling guides are used in the three directions of X, Y and Z, , and all are equipped with large torque Servo motor and tracking feedback device ensure that the machine tool has high feed transmission rigidity.

☆ There are 8 sets of movable fixtures supporting the work piece above the bed. According to the length of the work piece and technological requirements, the distance can be adjusted conveniently along the X direction and can be automatically braked.

☆ Equipped with German Siemens CNC system, stable and reliable for long-term use.

☆ It is equipped with special CAM software, which can convert common graphics into recognizable processing programs according to the set conditions, and the programs can be directly run after being transferred to the CNC system.

☆ The CAM software has the automatic optimization function of the fixture, which can automatically avoid or early warning when the clamping position of the moving fixture interferes with the processing position.

☆ Left and right partition layout, set left and right positioning plates, can complete interactive feeding without stopping, improve operation efficiency.

☆ The bottom of the machine is equipped with a drawer type chip box.

☆ The guide rail pair, the ball screw pair and the rack and pinion transmission mechanism all adopt the centralized timing and quantitative lubrication method, which effectively guarantees the running accuracy and service life of the machine tool.

☆ Equipped with 12-position rotary tool magazine, which can complete automatic tool change;

☆ Configure tool cooling spray system to improve tool life and surface quality of workpiece processing;

☆ It is equipped with a tool setting instrument, which can automatically complete the measurement of the tool length and update it corresponding to the program;

☆ The newly designed appearance is neat and beautiful.

☆ The moveable gantry is equipped with a safety shield, and a transparent plastic soft curtain and glass window are set on the front side of the shield to ensure the safety of the operator and a good working environment;

☆ Configure the light curtain partition protection system to protect the personal safety of the operator.

☆ Main processing accuracy

☆ Positioning accuracy: X axis: ≤±0.10mm; (full length) Y/Z axis: ≤±0.08mm;

☆ Repeated positioning accuracy: ≤±0.05mm;

☆ Indexing axis accuracy: ±5 arc minutes;

☆ Surface roughness: Ra12.5μm.

Technical Parameters

☆ Longitudinal Travel  (X Axis):6800mm            

☆ X Axis Movement Speed:0~60m/min

☆ Transversal Travel (Y Axis):1200mm              

☆ Y Axis Movement Speed:0~30m/min

☆ Vertical Travel  (Z Axis):660mm                

 ☆ Z Axis Movement Speed:0~20m/min

☆ Spindle’s Maximum output power:9kw    

☆ Spindle rotating angle range:-90º~0º~+90º

☆ Tool Magazine:12 tools, tool can be automatically changed under program      

☆ Maximum processing height:350mm

☆ Air source:0.5~0.8Mpa                       

☆ Power supply:380V/50Hz

☆ Machine’s total power:20kw                        

☆ Clamping device’s station Numbers:8

☆ Lubricating、cooling:automatic oil lubricating, spray cooling

☆ Processing capacity range(W×H×L):500×350×6600mm 

☆ Overall size(L×W×H):12000×2400×2600mm

☆ Machine’s net weight:about 5500kg

Main outsourced components

☆ CNC Control System:Siemens                      

☆ Electronic motorized spindle:Italy HSD

☆ Linear Guiderail:Taiwan HIWIN/PMI/ABBA           

☆ Ball Screw:Taiwan HIWIN/PMI/ABBA

☆ Pneumatic Components:Japan SMC                      

☆ Low voltage electric components:Siemens

☆ Milling tools:Germany Wemaro



Service and Warranty

1.24hr online customer service

2. Offering customized service and OEM service

3. Engineers available to service machinery overseas

4. 12 months warranty for whole machine, excepting the wearing parts.

Packaging & Delivery



Q: What is the company's technical strength?

A:As an integration of scientific research, production and sales of high-tech enterprise, Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp., Ltd. is the most professional manufacturer providing one-stop solution for processing machines of aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls and industry aluminum profiles, etc. with large sales and wide service net and most complete products types.

Q: Which machine should I choose?

A: Tell us your specific requirements for the machine; we will give you perfect suggestions and solutions.

Q:Which models are the main products? 

A: Automatic Lines; Cutting Saw; Milling and Drilling Machine Center; Copy Router Milling Machine; Aluminum Formwork Processing Machines.

Q: How to use the machine, what should I do if problems occurred to the machine?

A: You can refer to the user's manual or instructions delivered along with the machine; if anything unclear, please feel free to contact us. We will support you by email, telephone or instant messengers. If still have difficulties, we offer oversea installation, maintaining and training service.

Q: Which payment method do you accept?

A: We accept T/T, L/C and etc.

Q: How long is the warranty of youraluminium machine?

A: The warranty period is one year.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: The delivery time differs depend on the machine model and the order quantity. Usually the delivery time shall be 7-25 working days after deposit.


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0086-531-88877029 / 0086-15666668657 


No.88,keyun Road, Jinan, Shandong, China


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