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Brief Profile of Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp, Ltd

09, 2019

by tc-alu

  Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp., Ltd. is the only listed company top ranked in China for the machines to make window & door and curtain wall.天辰实力02.jpg

  The company was founded in year 1997, located in the National High-Tech Development Zone – Jinan High-Tech Development Zone, Shandong province, covering about 150,000 sqm., more than 230 staff, annual sales turn over around 25 million USD, It’s a reputable company with large scale of capital and advance technical know-how.

  As an integration of scientific research, production and sales of high-tech enterprise, Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp., Ltd. is the most professional manufacturer providing one-stop solution for processing machines of aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls and industry aluminum profiles, etc. with large sales and wide service net and most complete products types.

  The company’s main products:

  1.Machines for processing aluminum window and door:

  -Double head Cutting Saw for Aluminum Profiles;

  -Corner Connector Cutting Saw for Aluminum window and door


  -End Surface Milling Machine for Aluminum Profiles;

  -Copy Milling Machine for Aluminum Profiles

  -Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminum Window and Door

  2.Machines for processing Industrial aluminum profiles:

  -Milling, Drilling, Boring and Tapping CNC Machining Center for Industrial Aluminum Profiles

  -CNC Automatic Production Line for Cutting, Punching and Milling Aluminum Formwork

  -CNC Cutting Saw Machine for Aluminum Profile/ Aluminum Formwork

  Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp.,Ltd.’s market share in China domestic area is more than 50%, products are also exported to more than 60 countries world widely, such as USA, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, France, UAE, Greece, Italy, etc..

  The company’s policy is “The Quality comes from concentration, The Professional comes from devotion”. The company always focuses on improving products’ quality and new technical know-how development, which has pushed the company have got many famous awards and testimonials from China government, such as “Excellent Private Company in Shandong Province”; “Shandong Famous Brand”; “China Outstanding Powerful Private High technology Enterprise” , etc.. The company drafted China national standards of processing center machine with Standard No. GB/T28390-2012.

  Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp., Ltd. is the global strategical partner of Siemens company.

  Jinan Tianchen Alunimu Machine Corp., Ltd. looks forward to growing together with all the customers in the world for aluminum profiles processing machines.

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